Häfele AXILO™ Plinth Adjustment System - Engineered by Häfele

AXILO ™ from Häfele is a new, revolutionary plinth adjustment system. The combination of the adjustment tool with the adjustable plinth makes leveling a kitchen or piece of furniture a simple and convenient matter.



Only the AXILO ™ plinth adjustment system can do that:

No more bending over, crawling, or stretching: with AXILO™ you can also conveniently access the rear plinth feet. 

The AXILO™ adjusting tool can be positioned and operated from any angle. Wholly practical, particularly in areas that are difficult to access.

Since you always work in front of the cabinet with AXILO™, you always have the level in view—which saves time and energy. 

The unique AXILO™ adjusting tool acts as an extended arm—with the additional extension you can even reach the plinth feet of corner base units.

Convenient operation with a power tool is also possible—thanks to a 1/4” chuck, both in the AXILO™ adjusting tool and also in the AXILO™ extension. 

AXILO™ can be used for all types of cabinetry, from a kitchen base unit, to office cabinetry and wardrobes.


Häfele AXILO ™ Plinth Adjustment System

AXILO ™ from Häfele is a new, revolutionary plinth adjustment system - Engineered by Häfele.

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