Focused Light for Furniture Construction

Interzum Award 2021 – Loox linear lens Best of the Best

It couldn’t be better – the linear lens for focused light in furniture construction, an innovative Häfele development, has now also won the hearts of the jury for the interzum award 2021. It received impressive recognition with the “Best of the Best” award.

The linear lens by Häfele is a lens developed jointly with the specialists at the Bartenbach light institute in Innsbruck for targeted light scattering over work surfaces. With this innovation, kitchen work surfaces, for example, can be illuminated perfectly and homogeneously with LED strip lights without annoying glare. The Häfele linear lens focusses the light from an LED strip light and thus doubles the illuminance in the desired focus area. At the same time, the glare effect is reduced by 85%.

With this exclusive in-house development “Made in Germany”, Häfele is once again proving its customer proximity and its innovative strength as a specialist in lighting in furniture and rooms. Quick assembly, easy configuration, and uncomplicated operation predestine the new development for use in the kitchen, but also in furniture construction wherever work surfaces have to be optimally illuminated without glare.

Individual lights – custom-made from one single piece

What you don’t have to build or assemble yourself saves time. Häfele helps save time and money with a tailor-made, diverse range of pre-configured components. Most of them can be put together individually from a batch size of one according to customer specifications.

This service offer also applies to almost all linear lights in the Häfele product range and of course also to lights with the innovative linear lens. In our own CE-compliant production facility, aluminium profiles and strip lights from the Loox 5 range are configured according to the specifications of the Häfele partners, and individual lights are manufactured from a quantity of one or in small series. The company has years of expertise in the manufacture of so-called Topco products and delivers them in the shortest possible time. 14 predefined linear lights are available as of now, consisting of an LED strip light in an aluminium profile with a two metre lead and matching end caps.

The range of services now includes a whole range of other tailor-made finished products, such as drawers that can be inserted directly into furniture or furnishings, and the special procurement of individual items.


Häfele Loox 5 system: Optimal integration

With the linear lens, Häfele is presenting the first real furniture light that distributes almost all of the light from an LED strip light directly onto the work area below with minimal scattering losses. The Häfele linear lens is a valuable addition to the Häfele Loox 5 lighting system, as it can be used at the same time for light focusing for various high-quality Loox LED strip lights. It is controlled either via the Loox switch range or with the smartphone app via the Häfele Connect system with BLE Mesh technology. The discreetly elegant linear lens is suitable for all Loox 5 LED strip lights with a width of 5 mm or 8 mm. It acts as a cover for aluminium profiles with LED strip lights and taps into the light directly above the LED chip. With so much technical finesse and innovative strength, the new Häfele linear lens now received the icing on the cake with the interzum award “Best of the Best”.