Galaxy dream garden

Themed as "Galaxy dream garden", the grand atmosphere, luxuriant decoration, fusion of ancient and modern, connection of the west and east - all makes the hotel an unprecedented model of the baroque style.

Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai – Baroque Style Door Handle

The Choice of Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai

Project Name:Chateau Star River Pudong
Developer:Star river real estate holdings co., LTD
Construction area:1000㎡
Interior design:T.D.CHU Design
Completion time:2013
Number of room: 273
Hardware supplier: Häfele

Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai is co-designed by Mr. Qiu Deguang, the leading designer in Taiwan. The hotel is inspired by Mediterranean castle and conveys traces of European royal court everywhere.

When you enter the nearly 12-meter high hall, it feels like walking into a dream garden.

Häfele supplied the door hardware solution for the hotel, including door handles, door locks, electronic locks and door closers.The following handle is one of the Häfele products – gold color plated brass handle, which suites the hotel's baroque style very well.