Häfele LED Technology

Loox: The fourth dimension of furniture

In furniture design light is often the first consideration when additional comfort and functionality are required. Häfele will be introducing the 3rd generation of its LED lighting system Loox at AWISA 2016. With 60 new products; half of those being new lights. Loox is an innovative modular system solution marked by quality, flexibility and creative freedom. Easy plug and play installation and convenient operation are additional features. Loox was specifically designed for the furniture industry and can be installed with an expectation of great results.

With the right installation light in furniture and furnishings will strike a soothing balance with the ambient light in the room, creating a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere at all times. The properly choreographed balance of its components and the creation of nuances and zones and accents for specific areas conveys a holistic impression. Häfele calls this the “The fourth dimension of furniture”. It can be achieved very easily and economically with the Loox LED lighting system.