Hailo Laundry Carrier from Häfele

Keeping your laundry tidy has never been so easy!

The Hailo Laundry Carrier with its 2 large volume laundry baskets, of 33l capacity each, offers sufficient space for 2 washing machine loads. The laundry baskets are easy to remove, to carry around, and to place anywhere on the floor, thanks to the ergonomic handles. Clean, wet laundry or dirty linen are always tidied up. For 45 or 60 cm wide base cabinets.

The baskets are colour coded to keep your laundry seperated into whites and colours without problems. The aerated design ensures that your washing whether, clean, wet or dry do not build up smells. And gliding on the soft close runner system ensures the baskets are tucked away neatly when not needed and effortlessly pulled out of the cabinet when it's time to do the washing.