Thinking Ahead - Häfele Online 2016

Introducing the NEW

During the past few years at Häfele we have been working tirelessly to improve our online services. Our goal is to offer a better experience to you, our valued customers.


In that time we have developed the Häfele catalogue app, now available on most smart phones and tablets; we communicate via Facebook; and have recently started to provide you with video knowledge via our YouTube channel.


We have recognised the positive result from these advancements and also recognise the needs of our customers for further improvements. With this knowledge in hand we have been working hard on designing a completely new online presence for Häfele. The result has cost time, energy and a lot of passion. But now we can launch the new and we believe that it will inspire you like it does us.


Häfele is more than hardware technology. Häfele is service, innovation, inspiration, reliability. Online ordering will be faster, easier and more intuitive than ever. Our search function is based on that of sites such as Amazon and eBay.


You can update your profile and share projects which you have created using Häfele hardware, or be inspired by projects you see built with Häfele hardware. Let yourself be inspired and let us bring to you.