Premium 20 Cylinder core, Symo, individual locking, keyed to differ

Cylinder removable core – with different key changes

Art. no. 210.45.600

  • Symo 3000 accessories
  • Symo is a modular cylinder core system from Häfele. Without tools and time-consuming installation, it provides maximum flexibility at minimum costs and effort.


    Due to the variety of components within the Symo system, all present and future applications can be covered – and all this with maximum freedom during planning and execution.


    All components of the Symo system can be combined as required and exchanged, modified or upgraded at any time.


    Locking plans can be modified easily, quickly and economically. Only the cylinder core is replaced (without tools), the lock - and therefore the piece of furniture - remains untouched.

    Rational furniture production

    Since the lock and the cylinder core are separated, the locks can be pre-mounted in the furniture and are fully functional through their protective caps. The protective caps can be replaced easily and without tools by the required cylinder core at any time. The furniture can therefore be produced independently from its future use and from the required locking plans, and can be equipped with the required locks. This allows rational mass-production. The individual locks can be integrated into the locking plan by inserting the cylinder cores at any time, even after the furniture has been set up.

    Inserting and removing cylinder cores without tools

    No tools are required for inserting and removing the cylinder cores, which can also be done at any time after the locks have been installed. The cylinder cores can only be inserted or removed with the lock in open position. The cylinder can be removed using a removal key.

    Maintain the cylinder cores every 6 month, but do not treat the cylinder cores with graphite!

    Flexibility and economic efficiency – at any time

    Previously, removals, changed locking plans and security requirements as well as lost keys were the weak points of every locking plan which always required time-consuming and costly modification measures. Symo provides maximum flexibility even years after completion. Simply replace the cylinder cores to adapt the furniture locking concept to changed requirements. No tools are required and the installation is fast and simple. Whatever the requirements are: Symo is prepared.


    Plate cylinder or pin tumbler cylinder?

    With the Symo locking system you can choose between plate cylinders and pin tumbler cylinders.

    UniversalUniversal Objekt

    Premium 5

    Premium 20

    One protective cap, several functions !



    The protective caps for the Symo locks not only protect the interior of the cylinder housing against dirt or damages during the construction phase, but also function as temporary construction keys that can be operated with a coin or screwdriver due to their design. After construction is completed, the protective caps can be removed easily without tools and replaced by the required cylinder cores.

  • Planning and construction
  • Construction dimensions for System 32 installation height

    Extending rod lock fitted in extending front panel

    Extending rod lock fitted in fixed lock panel

    Interior division with

    Filing framespieces

    Installation height mm

    Lock in extending front panel

    Lock in fixed lock panel

    Partition and divider (2 HE / 128 mm)3429
    Card index support (2.5 HE /160 mm): DIN A6card index box (2.5 HE): DIN A6 for suspending, without D handle2365
    Card index support (3 HE /192 mm): DIN C6card index box (3 HE): DIN A6 for suspending, with D handlecard index box (3 HE): DIN A5 for suspending, without D handle2365429
    Card index support (3.5 HE /224 mm): DIN A5 / C5card index box (3.5 HE): DIN A5 for suspending, with D handle,card index box (3.5 HE): DIN A5 for suspending, without D handle, with tab2429493
    Card index support (4 HE /256 mm): DIN A5 / C6 with tab,card index box (4 HE): DIN A5 for suspending, without D handle2493557
    Card index support (4.5 HE /288 mm): DIN A4 / C4card index box (4.5 HE): DIN A4 for suspending, with D handle2557621
    Suspension files A4 in compliance with DIN 821(5 HE /320 mm)2621685
    Suspension file (5.5 HE / 352 mm):CH / A4 suspension file and suspension folder,suspension filing frame2685749
    Suspension file (6 HE / 384 mm): EDP 12”2749813


    • The subdivision of the required space is specified in height units (HE). In System 32 a height unit corresponds to 64 mm.
    • For card index boxes that are placed in the drop‐in bottom, the panel heights for the respective card index supports apply.
    • A gap of 3 mm has been deducted from the dimensions with the fixed lock panel and with the extending panel with lock.
    • Height units = HE are planning dimensions without gap.


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    Premium 20 Cylinder core, Symo, individual locking, keyed to differ

    Cylinder removable core – with different key changes

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    Article details
    • 9,999 different key changes possible
    • For use where high security requirements have to be met
    • Suitable for heavy-duty use
    • Customised MK/GMK systems available

    Area of application

    For all locks and rotary handles of the Symo system


    Housing: zinc alloy


    Nickel plated

    Locking system

    With 6 pairs of pins

    Key change

    20,000 different key changes are possible


    Left hand or right hand, for plug fitting
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    • 1 pin tumbler cylinder removable core
    • 1 key

    Order reference

    Key changes 0001A–0300A are available ex warehouse.

    Each pack contains 1 cylinder core, please specify the required key change.

    Master key is not possible.

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