Extension lead, LOOX accessories

12V system

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833.73.764 EXTENSION LEAD 12V/20AWG/BLACK/0.5M

12V system –, Cable length: 0.5 m

833.73.765 EXTENSION LEAD 12V/20AWG/BLACK/1.0M

12V system –, cable length: 1 m

833.73.766 EXTENSION LEAD 12V/20AWG/BLACK/2.0M

12V system –, cable length: 2 m

833.74.726 LOOX EXTENSION LEAD 12V 2000MM

12V system –, cable length: 2 m

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Extension lead, extension leads

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Loox – LED 12 V driver

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Extension lead, extension leads

12V system –

  • 12 V, drill hole Ø 8 mm

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