Furniture terminal, FT120

  • EFL furniture locks
  • Furniture locks (mains operated)

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    Area of application

    Product model

    EFL 3

    EFL 3C

    EFL 1

    EFL 6

    EFL 80

    EFL 41

    EFL 7

    EFL 8

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    MB 6.14

    MB 6.19

    MB 6.22

    MB 6.23 A

    MB 6.24

    MB 6.27

    MB 6.27

    Hinged doors made from wood

    Hinged doors made from glass

    Changing lockers and safe deposit boxes made from wood

    Wooden flaps

    Wooden sliding doors

    Glass sliding doors

    Wooden tambour doors




    Variant C+ desk pedestal system

    Variant S+ desk pedestal system

    Counter desk system drawer

    Aluflex 80 aluminium frame sliding door

    Woodflex 80 wooden sliding door

    PO box system, locker system or distribution system (FT 130)

    MB 6.42

    Additional functions

    Feedback contact: For alarm systems, ...

    * Trial mounting required for drawers with Push function.


    Furniture locks (battery operated)

    Area of application

    Product model

    What are the security requirements for the furniture lock?

    LL 100

    EFL 9

    Standard requirements

    Increased security requirements

    • EFL 3
    • EFL 6
    • EFL 41
    • EFL 8
    • EFL 9
    • EFL 1
    • EFL 80
    • EFL 7
    • LL 100
    • EFL 3C
    • EFL 7
    • EFL 8
    • LL 100
    • EFL 9

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    MB 6.30

    MB 6.34

    Changing lockers and safe deposit boxes made from wood

    For use in areas that are not accessible to the public and where acoustic or optical alarm as feedback is not required.

    For use in areas that are accessible to the public and/or where acoustic or optical alarm as feedback is required (optional).

    Variant C+ desk pedestal system

    Degree of protection

    Degree of protection IP 40


    Legic®, Tag-itTM ISO


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    Furniture terminal, FT120

    • see key

      ⓘ RJ11 socket for MLA 8

      ⓚ RJ10 socket for EFL 3, EFL 3C, MLA 6P

      ⓖ AMP socket for EFL 1, EFL 1C, EFL 6, EFL 41 and EFL 7

      ⓒ Coaxial socket for FAN 100 antenna

    • Exclamation mark

    • Recommendation: H1 = 300 mm 1 locking point with system height < 2,000 mm

    • Recommendation: H1, H2 = 300 mm 2 locking points with system height > 2,000 mm

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    Furniture terminal, FT120

    With energy storage capacity CAP

    Art. no. 237.58.113
    Product details


    1 piece


    Intelligent furniture terminal for controlling electric lockings with Dialock keys
    standard setting: With latchbolt lock function for unlocking with a Dialock key and automatic locking after 3 seconds
    other settings: Deadbolt lock function for unlocking and locking with Dialock key
    acoustic feedback for confirming the locking action
    indication of unlocked doors, for example, via external acoustic or optical signal generators (optional)
    indication of the locking status via external LED (optional)
    extension of functions by means of additional macro programmes (optional)

    Area of application

    For indoor use: shopfitting, equipment and furniture


    Connection for external DFANT 2 antenna, plastic anthracite/light grey housing, with 4 screw straps for attachment
    The degree of protection is IP 20
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    Product Features

    Supplied with

    Order reference

    Please order additionally:

    • EFL furniture lock
    • V2 connection cable (connection cable between EFL and MLA)
    • PS power supply unit (depending on the size of the system)
    • A macro is required when installing an acoustic signal generator. This macro is available on request. Individual extension of functions by means of macros on request.
    • Before the user keys can be programmed, the MLA 8 multi-lock adapter (when being used) must be connected to the FT 120 furniture terminal and taught in with the configuration card #89. Please order configuration card #89 (Cat. No. 917.42.122) separately.
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