HS stepped drill bit, for Confirmat screws



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    001.22.390 CONFIRMAT STEP DRILL HSS 5.4/7/10

    Drill bit Ø: 5 mm, length: 70 (Confirmat)

    001.22.467 CONFIRMAT STEP DRILL HSS 4/5/8MM

    Drill bit Ø: 4 mm, length: 38+50 (Confirmat)

    001.22.485 CONFIRMAT STEP DRILL HSS 5/7/10MM

    Drill bit Ø: 5 mm, length: 38+50 (Confirmat)

    Product details

    Area of application

    For drilling blind holes and through holes in one single operation
    particularly suitable for rational processing of Confirmat one-piece connectors
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    HS stepped drill bit, for Confirmat screws

    • First step: Blind hole

      see key

      (3)Drill bit Ø

    • Second step: Through hole

      see key

      (1)Countersinker Ø

      (2)Shank Ø, 2. step

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