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Duo standard

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Fitting set, Häfele Free Flap 1.7, set

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Duo forte

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Fitting set, Häfele Free flap 3.15, set

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Fitting set, Häfele Free space 1.11, with handle

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Flap stay with braking mechanism, with braking mechanism, for wooden flaps, adjustable braking effect

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Flap fittings, For timber flaps#Opening angle approx. 75° wth joint

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Corner bench hinge, for wooden seat panels, with spring

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Lid stay, Berolina, for wooden lids, with stop

Art. no. 372.04.747
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Lift up front fitting, Häfele Free up push

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Stay flap fitting, Häfele Free flap 1.7, industrial packaging, opening angle 107°

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