Environmental management at Häfele

Häfele New Zealand Ltd is committed to being an environmentally responsible company which recognises and accepts its responsibility to minimise, wherever possible, its impacts on the environment and to comply with all relevant statutory environmental requirements.



The aim of this environmental policy is to inform staff of the requirements, responsibilities and processes in relation to the minimisation and management of environmental matters. Our aim is to maintain and improve environmental performance within Hafele New Zealand Ltd, through the reduction of waste and thereby reduce landfill.


Commitment and objectives

The company aims to:

  • Minimise, and where practicable, eliminate any adverse impacts on the environment arising from our business activities;
  • Minimise air emission evident in our production process;
  • Minimise the use of energy, resources consumed and waste produced while undertaking our business activities;
  • Promoting reduction at  the source, reuse and recycling of materials;
  • Ensure legal disposal of all waste arising from our business activities;
  • Implement and review, on an ongoing basis, our environmental policies,
  • Communicate our environmental policies and objectives to staff, contractors, suppliers and customers to enhance awareness of our commitment to environmental management;
  • Educate and train staff to enable them to fulfil our company’s environmental objectives;
  • Ensure that our facilities, products and operations meet all federal, state and local government environmental regulations;
  • Establish and measure our environmental performance against pre-set objectives and/or targets.



Häfele New Zealand Ltd will ensure that wherever we are operating and whatever our activities we will were practicable, prevent pollution of the environment, minimise the use of energy, conserve resources and reduce waste and encourage our customers, suppliers and contractors to do so.

The primary focus for environmental management rests with the business unit line managers to ensure that all significant environmental aspects and impacts are identified and satisfactorily addressed.

Where activities are subject to legal controls and statutory legislation it is the responsibility of those managing the operations to make themselves conversant with such controls and legislation and to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance.


Roles and responsibilities

The Director, General Managers and Quality Manager are responsible for the development and achievement of environmental policies and ensuring their ongoing effectiveness.
Management are responsible for the implementation of these policies.
Staff at all levels are required to comply with applicable environmental regulations in conjunction with the company’s internal environmental policies.



This policy will be reviewed at least annually or following legislative changes that impact environmental matters.

The environmental policy shall be co-ordinated with the quality policy and occupational health and safety policy and communicated to all staff through the intranet.


Specific environmental policy statements

Chemical substances

Häfele New Zealand Ltd will minimise the use of chemical and harmful substances, where possible, in its production processes and business activities.  We will ensure the disposal and storage of any such substances are in accordance with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, we will endeavour to ensure that our policies and practices mitigate any potential harm to the environment arising from leakage or spillage of such substances. 



Häfele New Zealand Ltd will endeavour to use the minimum quantities of energy possible in accordance with the safe and efficient operation of its heating, lighting, plant and machinery.  It will continually review its energy sources, energy forms and energy efficiency with a view to minimising its environmental impact. We will ensure that energy waste is reduced by turning off excessive equipment or, if appropriate having it default to ‘stand by’ mode. We will monitor consumption and eliminate excessive or unnecessary use.



Häfele New Zealand Ltd will endeavour to emit minimal qualities of emissions into the environment. In particular we will ensure that our production plant and machinery are appropriate for our needs and ensure they are regularly maintained to ensure air emissions arising from our production processes are minimised.  We will adhere to the regulatory requirements governing emissions.


Optimising Equipment

We will continue to ensure that we purchase energy efficient devices that are sized appropriately for the task required and have automatic power down cycles where appropriate.


Paper and Consumables

We consume large amounts of paper and printer consumables and will continue to encourage double sided printing wherever possible. Recycled and recyclable materials and consumables will be used wherever possible and our primary consideration concerning the ongoing purchase of these products will be that the product conforms to these environmental standards. Our aim is to reduce our consumption of these products and to select products with the least harmful impact on the environment. We encourage the recycling of waste paper through the recycling bins that are available in all offices and at workstations. 



Though our purchasing policies we will endeavour to identify goods and services which do the least harm to the environment in their production, delivery, packaging use, re-use and recycling and disposal.  We will endeavour to purchase from local suppliers for our production activities to maximise our input into the local community and to minimise the impact of transportation.



Häfele New Zealand Ltd will endeavour to minimise waste and maximise recycling in an effort to reduce landfill.

We will do this by;

  • continually monitoring the use of resources within our operations and production process;
  • reviewing production processes to ensure that excessive consumption and waste of production raw materials are identified and processes implemented to minimise excessive waste;
  • where possible utilise by-products or waste from production in other areas or business activities (for example: damaged particle board from the drawer line used as packaging materials for painted doors)
  • ensure that production raw material wastage (such as aluminium, acrylic, cardboard) are recycled and not disposed of in landfill;
  • where practicable, and efficient, use the most environmentally friendly form of consumables for packing (for example: maximise the use of cardboard rather than plastic);
  • utilise recycling agencies for the disposal of paper, printer/copier cartridges etc.  

We will ensure that any waste that can not be reused or recycling is disposed of in a way which minimises any impact on the environment and conforms to all relevant regulatory requirements.



Häfele New Zealand Ltd will endeavour to use the minimum quantities of water possible in accordance with its activities and it will ensure that the water it uses is both supplied and disposed of to meet its statutory requirements.  We will monitor water consumption, reduce leakage and eliminate excessive or unnecessary use.