Management of the Häfele Group

Proximity to customers and innovative thinking are the characteristics that identified the leadership personalities in Häfele’s family business for generations. Allow us to introduce our company management.

Gregor Riekena (CMO)

Gregor Riekena

Chairman of the Executive Board

Gregor Riekena joined Häfele in 2011 as Head of Marketing. Since 2015, he has strengthened the management and is responsible for brand management, products and communication. In 2023, he will assume overall responsibility for the Häfele Group as CEO.


  • Management

  • Marketing & Sales

Sibylle Thierer

Sibylle Thierer

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Sibylle Thierer will manage the family business from 2003 until the end of 2022. In 2023, she will hand over overall responsibility to Gregor Riekena. She will continue to be responsible for controlling and steering the Häfele Group.


  • Strategy

  • Monitoring and advising the management

  • Special Projects

Stefan Huber

Stefan Huber

Managing Director Abroad/Foreign Operations

Stefan Huber joined Häfele in 1996 as Product Manager. In 1998 he was appointed Managing Director of Häfele Japan. In 2006, he was appointed to the Executive Board of Häfele Worldwide.


  • Foreign business

Michael Distl

Managing Director Finance, Human Resources, Legal Affairs and Facility Management

Michael Distl has been part of Häfele since February 2020. He is responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Legal Affairs and Facility Management.


  • Finances

  • Staff

  • Right

  • Facility Management

  • IT

Boris Katic

Managing Director Supply Chain Management

Boris Katic joined the management team at Häfele in November 2022. He is responsible for purchasing, logistics and quality management.


  • Purchase
  • Logistics
  • Quality