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This is how your ideas become reality: As the inventor of the Minifix connector — the pioneer of modern cabinet connectors — we have made a decisive contribution to the success of flat-pack furniture.

We feel committed to our pioneering role in connector technology. We not only offer a huge range of connectors, but also constantly create new solutions that not only allow you to assemble your furniture quickly and easily, but also give your living environment that certain something — even and especially with large series such as flat-pack furniture.

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Ixconnect Spreading Connector SC 8/25

The Invisible One
The one piece SC 8/25 spreading connector is ideal for small furniture items, which can be transported in an assembled conditions. It can be processed quickly without tools and is completely invisible after assembly — for streamlined, elegant furniture design

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Ixconnect Rear Panel Connector RPC G 13/20

The Uncomplicated One
The one-piece RPC G 13/20 rear panel connector is ideal for stabilizing the rear panel of small furniture items. It can be quickly processed without tools and is concealed at the rear after assembly.

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Ixconnect Spreading Connector SC 8/60

The Flexible One
The one piece SC 8/60 spreading connector is perfect for larger furniture which needs to be taken apart for transport and reassembled at the destination. It can be processed easily and is completely invisible after assembly — for clean, elegant furniture design.

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Ixconnect Rear Panel Connector RPC S 15/25

The Clever One
The RPC S 15/25 rear panel connector is perfect for larger furniture items which need to be taken apart for transport and reassembled at the destination. Its well thought-out design supports the mounting of the rear panel and stabilizes the furniture item. It can be easily processed from the front in the final location of the furniture and integrates discreetly into the furniture design.

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Ixconnect Claw Connector CC 8/5/30

The Grabbing One
The patented CC 8/5/30 single piece of hardware connects wooden drawers quickly and easily without tools. Wooden drawer panels as thin as a half inch have a reliable, invisible connection when the claw bites into the MDF panels.

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Ixconnect Rear Panel Connector RPC D 5/24

The Clamping One
Complementing our claw connector is the Ixconnect Rear Panel Connector RPC D 5/24 for easy assembly of wooden drawers with strip grooved rear panels.

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Connector Rafix 20

The Tightening One
The RAFIX 20 connector system has zinc-alloy tightening elements that are based on the centric principle. A comprehensive range of connecting bolts, sleeves and accessories for any installation situation is available for the RAFIX 20 connector systems.

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Next Generation Connector System

Clever Connector Solutions For State-Of-The-Art Furniture

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