Interzum 2015

Inspiration & Innovation - two sides of the same coin

More than 57,500 people from far and wide visited the 2015 Interzum Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany. Häfele’s stand was packed for all four days of the Fair, exceeded all expectations. With International Specialists of Hardware Technology and Electronic Locking Systems inspiring more than thousands of trade visitors from all over the world and other members of the industry alike. A convincing presentation of numerous Innovations in a perfectly staged area made the extensive expertise of Häfele stand out among the rest.

Häfele excelled in displaying the capabilities we have in terms of Service, Development, Production and Logistics with a fireworks display of Innovations, in relation to Sliding, Flaps, Drawer Systems, Connector Technology, Lighting and Entertainment in Furniture. Jörg Schmid, CEO of Häfele Industry Division EWW had this to say: "Simple structure, easy installation and convenient use, coupled with the promise of ‘German Quality’“. That's what our visitors have asked for, from over 60 countries and that’s what we will be prepared for. "Easiness. Engineered by Häfele. (Our central trade fair motto.) For us it was a very successful show."

Häfele bursting with Innovations 

The modular design with its problems internationally applicable LED lighting system LOOX was one of Renner on 1400 square meter stand. In the third generation been here over 60 new products shown. Highlight are the built according to a modular principle, the new modular recessed luminaires for customized solutions, strong LED strips with high color fidelity and a collection of fascinating LED panel lights.

When the flaps Häfele presented as the kinematics specialist. Its comprehensive program covers the free family and the flap hinges duo and maxi from all known variants movement. With the high folding mechanism Free Flap H1,5 Häfele presented the prototype of a new high hinged fitting of plastic. It is extremely light, extremely flexible and multifunctional and economical to use

In the field of sliding door fittings Slido there were four new, versatile sliding door systems and two new self-feed damper units.

New floor beams for the coveted 3-hole series, were a highly regarded innovation in ixConnect Furniture connectors.

The furniture industry hosted by Häfele 

The major industry players flocked together at the stand where there was numerous Joiners and Interior Designers, to take you on a journey through Häfeles Innovative "Furniture Showroom". The inspirations section with its furniture solutions attended a tribute to the current international trend towards merging of social living and working environments. "More lives per square meter", meaning more comfort and functionality, at Häfele there is everything from one source, mainly with products from our own development and production. Hardware technology, which can be very easily integrated in development, production and logistics of furniture makers and at the end also meets the wishes of users to comfortable simplicity.

"Thinking ahead." Like a thread pulled this thought by many conversations with customers and suppliers. In a large field of communications was it made great use and it arose, as always at the Interzum, a lot of new ideas for innovative furniture and fittings technical requirements as well as for further improvements in other areas.

Inspiration is a two way street. The proverbial proximity to customers and suppliers is considered namely as main source of inspiration for the designers and engineers of the hardware technology specialists. It is the basis for making new amazingly innovative hardware solutions with which Häfele its partners and visitors will delight even in the nights Interzum in two years.